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High Lonesome

A few years back a lovely country singer wrangled her 15 mins from the universe – a scruff muffin called Kasey Chambers. What a captivatingly dreadful voice she had.

We saw a doco on her where the bigmaninthedarksuitwhoturnedhercaptivatingnessintofameforherandmoneyforhim, said he knew she would work because she had “high lonesome”.

I think this is what singing is all about. It’s our job to reach people’s hearts. So our singing has to have feeling in it. I think a mediocre voice with a mediocre technique can trump a much better voice and a cleverer singer, if they know how to carry the feeling in the voice, out to the audience.

This takes, more than anything COURAGE. Because you have to stand in front of people and give them YOU on your voice. Bare your soul.

Sure gesture rehearsed things, and move this way and that, and don’t forget to lift and support and clench whatever it is you clench for that particular note, and sing that other note especially long or especially high or low or whatever, just because you can. Great. all good.

BUT don’t forget to stand in front of people and put real emotion into your voice and give that to your audience.

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And then

Figure One:  Last week’s priorities


The whole freaking out thing did get a tad recursive which I haven’t really represented, but I’m sure you get the idea. One benefit of last week’s priorities is that the record breaking November heatwave didn’t impact on me in the least. Maybe ‘priorities’ isn’t the right word, because it comes with connotations of deliberate planning. For eg “let’s work out what our priorities are and then plan our week accordingly”. What I have graphed is my actual priorities, rather than my ideal priorities – spending the majority of my energy freaking out wasn’t useful or deliberate.

Figure two: this week’s priorities


There are probably other things I need to replace, but I can’t remember what they are. The stuff like light bulbs and peanut butter that have no sympathy for Aural Exams and just blow or run out at inopportune times.  Sometimes stuff just seems to enjoy being inopportune and  throws the “well what can I do, I’m just a humble,  inanimate object” line right in your face. Yeah, peanut butter I’m talking about YOU. Maybe Kraft peanut butter would be more sensitive? Maybe that’s what the extra dollar is for? Maybe it’s designed to pace itself to fit more conveniently to your study schedule.

What these charts don’t really represent is how frenetic and scrambled my inner world was last week, and how gentle and slow this week’s inner world is.

Also, I passed.


Turns out I owe my homebrand peanut butter a huge apology. After publicly dissing it for running out, I actually checked my pantry. We have FIVE 750g containers of peanut butter.  In the face of this startling evidence I have had to reconsider the whole peanut butter thing. I think I have this prejudiced and unfounded perception that peanut butter runs out, so everytime I’ve shopped recently, I’ve bought more peanut butter.

Hmm. Time to revise. We’ll probably be right til atleast Christmas on the peanut butter front.

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