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2010 to do list

it’s soo much more likely than new year’s resolutions eh? All verby and stuff.


I’ve already done one thing – which is rejoin flylady.net and reap the benefits of this wise woman.

1. finish masters. So close – mid Feb, last assignment due.

2. move back to the hills. lease here comes up end of March and that seems like a good time to move.

3. figure out if we have enough income to save the amount I want to save. And if not, get some more income. This is something to do AFTER the masters, and AFTER we move because of…

4. stop doing multiple things at once, and slow down.

5. stand up straight.

6. resist any mad impulse to more study. It’s Husbands turn now.

That’s enough. crumbs.

Actually a did make a real res. – to cook Indian food. Last night I made Dal. And it wasn’t too bad. maybe 6 out of 10.


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Affluenza- book review

the abridged version, because I stopped reading this book half way through.

The author is Oliver James.

Oliver takes the words ‘influenza’ and ‘affluence’ and joins them together. clever eh?

Well except that the term was used by John de Graaf et al in a previous book and TV show.

Oliver travels the richer parts of the world (at great expense we imagine) and interviews a tiny handful of people to make sweeping generalisations and pronouncements about the state of the world. For example in the closest city to me Sydney, with population circa 5 million he interviews maybe 5 people. More than enough for him to confidently represent the zeitgeist of Sydney and really Australia.

And what are these pronouncements? That there is a pandemic of consumerism fuelled by the basic tenant of advertising – if only you people would buy more, you’d be happy. That in this world where the way things are represented in ads is bigger and better than the way things actually are, we as people learn to create ad versions of ourselves. Basically we present ourselves in the public realm as “now with 20% more zing”.

Which is fine. But I don’t know why it takes 500 pages to say.

Oh one interesting thing…Oliver travels to Russia to discover the world’s most beautiful women. Apparently this is because of their tragic repression. Russian women don’t have avenues to express themselves, all their beauty is funnelled into their appearance. (This must be why I’m ugly. All the beauty in me leeches out into my creative life.)

Um. what else? Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Don’t worry be happy. Pay Oliver money to tell you this.

Or really, don’t.

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