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to do list update

happy days.

I have finished my masters.

And we have signed a lease on a house in the hills. Now that Australia has the least affordable real estate in the world, I am not interested in buying. We relish working part time. I have 20 teaching hours a week, and with prep and admin and stuff, I really wouldn’t want more.

I like to think a bubble pop is inevitable and am happy to wait a few years for the burst. Also we’ve waited so long, the kids will be grown and gone within a decade, we could just wait to buy a downsizer. (I know the trend is now for younguns to stay with their parents into their twenties, but my kids will want to leave! Is that a bad sign?)

So these school holidays will be moving holidays.

What else was on my list? see if I need to make more money. I’ve had a few phone calls in the last few weeks for more work. Funny thing eh? I’ve been vigilantly scanning careerone and seek for jobs for a couple of years and haven’t once found a job to apply for. And then within a few weeks, my phone just rang – with three schools offering tutoring work. Infact, one school more than I could accommodate. I don’t even know how they had my number. So there better be enough money cause I don’t want more work.

Um… hmm no more study. Well I’m managing to do that, but I am thinking about how to do a Phd. Just not this year…


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